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Reviewing Products From A Gluten-Free Perspective

Taste Guru May 2013 review

P1010119What’s the deal?
Taste Guru is a monthly subscription service that provides full size gluten-free snacks for $24.99 per month. The service takes the guesswork out of snack purchases when you are avoiding gluten ingredients.

What’s in the box?
P1010125Coco Café Coconut water/milk/ espresso beverage 11.1 fluid ounces $1.99
I love coffee so this treat was particularly intriguing.  I also really like coconut water. I never thought of combining the two flavors, but it works.

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Factory White Cheddar and Cinnamon Sugar popcorn 1.7 ounces each $1.41 each
The box included 2 bags of popcorn and a coupon code for 30% an order from Rocky Mountain Popcorn Factory’s website. I enjoyed the popcorn and was looking forward to ordering a replacement of the Cinnamon Sugar plus the kettle corn and jalapeno flavor but the company’s website is down due to the devastating tornado in Oklahoma last week. I’m going to keep an eye on the website and definitely place an order when they are back in business.

P1010128La Veneziane penne corn pasta $4.39
I haven’t tried corn pasta previously so I was excited to give it a spin. The box included a recipe for a cold Cantonese chicken salad that used the penne. I didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand for the recipe so I used the pasta as a side dish with sauce. It was more toothsome than rice pasta and held up well when sauced.  I would buy the full size product.

P1010126Canyon Oats single serve oatmeal with brown sugar $3.00
Oats can sometimes become contaminated with gluten ingredients so it’s important to make sure that the oats are Certified Gluten Free. This oatmeal came in a handy to-go cup and was nicely sweetened with brown sugar.

P1010124Glutino Strawberry Gluten Free Toaster Pastry $5.69
Ah, the gluten-free holy grail: the Glutino Toaster Pastry. None of my local grocery stores have started carrying this particular Glutino product.  I saw on twitter that these were going to be included in this box and I was super excited to try it out. They. Are. Amazing. I’m not sharing these with anyone.  They are mine!

P1010121Gratify Gluten Free Pretzels with Sea Salt $4.19
The pretzels had a good amount of salt and had a good crunch to them. The box also included a coupon for $.50 the purchase of any Gratify pretzel.

P1010123Kind Honey and Oat Clusters $5.99
I have tried other Kind products and hadn’t seen this particular option in retail stores yet.  It was tasty on top of Greek Yogurt.

Total retail value of the May 2013 box: $28.07

Overall Impressions
This was an awesome array of items. I am pleased with everything I tried.  All of the products were peanut-free as well so that was an added bonus! I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box from Taste Guru!

Disclosure: I bought this.

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